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TV and Film Catering in Los Angeles

Count on Well Done! Catering to be your go-to provider of TV and film catering in Los Angeles. With more than two decades of experience, we've earned our spot as the preferred choice for various productions. Whether it's blockbusters, indie movies, commercials, music videos, grand concert tours, or even student projects, our team brings the same level of passion and expertise to every set.

We're committed to offering meals that are not only delicious but also organic and nutritious. Our secret? Everything is made from scratch. From succulent entrees to our own desserts, breads, jams, butter, cream cheese, and even bagels, our culinary creations are designed to impress. It's no surprise that we've become a beloved option among celebrities, production crews, and producers alike.

In-House Bakers and Craft Service

Our talented in-house bakers and craft service team work magic daily, churning exquisite breads and treats that elevate any film set or social event. Whether you require full service or drop-off options, Well Done! Catering has the flexibility and resources to meet your needs, ensuring that your production remains on schedule and within budget.

Choose Well Done! Catering for an unmatched dining experience that will keep your team fueled and focused, making every shoot a resounding success. Get a quote today at (323) 609-3999.

Our In-House Bakers turn out delicious and beautiful breads everyday for our  film sets and social events

Craft Service
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